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Scoop Up Your Fair Share Of Clients And Sales With High-Converting Facebook Compliant Copy
It’s not enough to be a good copywriter anymore. 

You and I both know as markets get more sophisticated, it’s important to have something else that separates you from the pack.

Kinda like a superpower. Or a unique mechanism.

It’s no wonder 20% of the copywriters get 80% of the clients.

And we both know that more and more copywriters are flooding the online marketing industry.

So how do you differentiate yourself from the other copywriters out there?

With Facebook compliance.

It’s one of the fastest easiest ways to scoop up flocks of clients and charge premium rates with very little price resistance.

I know this because that’s what I did all of 2020.

And now I’m “passing the torch” to you in my brand-new program called: 

The Facebook Compliance Code

Don’t be fooled by the name.

This is an advanced program that doesn’t just teach Facebook compliance - but also...
How To Think At A Deeper Level As A Marketer And Copywriter
So you can take everything you learn inside the Facebook Compliance Code and apply it to other areas of your life and your business.
These are timeless principles of persuasion that “happen” to fit perfectly within Facebook’s guidelines.
But it’s NOT cheap. And it’s not just a “course.”

It’s a program.

Because it’s designed to reprogram the way you think about copywriting, marketing, and persuasion at a fundamental level.

It’s also meant for people who are willing to do the work.

And put in the time and effort to really understand Facebook compliance.

This is one of those things that really do require work up front.

And while I’ve done my best to make this as comprehensive and digestible for you, this is NOT something that will be mastered overnight.

It took me 3 and a half years of combined knowledge working with 15+ clients in all sorts of niches spending anywhere from $50K/mo to $10M/mo and beyond on Facebook.

A little while ago I taught this methodology to a small group of people who each paid $2,000 to attend 4 live calls over the course of a month.

I recorded the entire thing and turned that into The Facebook Compliance Code program you’re hearing about today.

Each module is a little under 2 hours long.

Giving you...

Exactly What You Need To Know To Write High-Converting, Emotional Facebook Copy Fast

Plus at the end of each module you’ll get to experience the Q&A that took place and get deep insights that wouldn’t be available otherwise.

Here’s the meat of what’s inside the program:

Module #1 

How To Crank Out High-Converting Facebook Compliant Copy Lightning Fast

  • The ONLY emotion that makes emotional stories compliant on Facebook. I’ve never heard anyone talk about tapping into this emotion - yet if you can weave this emotion through your Facebook copy, you’ll have NO problem getting your emotional stories and ads approved.
  • How “removing the measuring stick” allows you to “shut-down proof” emotionally hard-hitting copy… This technique side-steps the ban hammer by changing the game. From checkers to chess. So you’re technically not breaking their rules…
  • What Facebook ad reps don’t tell you, because they can’t tell you. Because they’re not experts. They’re order takers. An ad rep even said to my client’s face they didn’t know why his ad was disapproved (while to someone versed in Facebook compliance it would be overwhelmingly obvious…)
  • The “homeostasis method” to writing a more compelling Facebook ad... by saying less. (The psychology behind this is it allows your prospect to feel more like it’s their idea to buy. And your promises are more believable...)
  • How to say almost anything compliantly without “neutering” your copy. And how to tap into deeper emotions the way Facebook wants you to with the “3 layers of benefit”...
  • When can you say “you” on Facebook? There are only 3 instances where you can’t say that “sacrilegious” word on Facebook. The rest of the time? It’s free game baby.

Module #2 

What You Can & Can’t Say On Facebook

  • Why you SHOULDN'T appeal your ad when they get rejected (no matter what anyone else says), and what to do instead. This is super common advice that can instantly backfire. It oftentimes tells Facebook you’re not fit to advertise on their platform…
  •  Facebook’s review process EXPOSED: how it actually works and how to use it to your advantage to get your ads approved far more often...
  • The easiest way to think up ads that stand out from everyone else’s on Facebook. After I taught this, my students came up with 5 unique and powerful compliant claims on the spot…
  • ​How to use negative emotions to make sales on Facebook - and compliantly dig into your audience’s pain points without triggering Facebook’s “poor user experience” alarm
  • ​Why sounding too “direct responsey” on Facebook can land you directly in “Facebook Jail” (Meaning they seize your account, and hold you and your client’s profits hostage...)
  • ​The single most powerful emotion on Facebook that nobody talks about. The best Facebook ads use it. Yet no one talks about it because it isn’t obvious. Yet it’s so damn powerful…
  • ​​How to sell to sophisticated audiences that can’t be sold to. This is the psychology behind my entire copywriting methodology. Not just my Facebook compliance methods...

Module #3 

How To Start A Facebook Compliant Funnel From Scratch

  • The surprising truth behind why your ads could still get shut down even if your copy is super squeaky clean (it can be as simple as missing elements from the footer or header, or a landing that page isn’t set up “properly”)...
  •  Is your website URL putting your Facebook ad account in jeopardy? In this module you’ll find out and what you can do to save your account before it’s too late...
  • A pro tip if you’re running Facebook ads to a business account you haven’t before that makes Facebook very forgiving if your account ever does go under review…
  • ​​When you can get away with less compliant copy (hint: it’s actually somewhere on your sales page. But be careful not to overdo it.)
  • ​​Common “trigger words and phrases” to avoid that instantly get you flagged or shadow-banned on Facebook...

Module #4

Facebook Ad Angles That Work

  • How to write viral “sharable ads”. I’ve used these to pick up leads from Facebook like a snowball rolling down Mount St. Helen. This is one of my “viral ad” frameworks I’ve used to produce slam dunks for 7, 8 and 9 figure clients...
  •  How to get more traffic to your ads without increasing your ad spend (you don’t have to be a media buyer to do this for yourself or your clients)...
  • How to get paid 2x to 3x more by writing “Dynamic Ads” for clients to run on Facebook. A new feature on Facebook allows you to offer clients 625 angles they can test(that isn’t a typo)…
  • ​​​The most important element of a high converting Facebook ad that no one talks about (hint: it’s not the first line, creative, or even the headline… I’ve tested it all...)
  • ​​​The single most powerful way to begin a Facebook ad that makes your first sentence nearly impossible to ignore. All of my viral ads open this way. And it cuts through the noise in a world of fake personalities, fake lambos, and fake gurus…
  • ​​​​The quickest way to know what ad angles work for your market on Facebook. The data is there for anyone to see. Inside a little known resource that’s publicly available on Facebook…
  • ​What to pay close attention to when it comes to doing research and how to use this in-depth research to crank out high-converting Facebook ads like nobody’s business
  • ​​And the list goes on...
A quick note.
The Facebook Compliance Code Is NOT For “New Course Junkies” Who Buy On A Whim And Let Courses Sit On Their “Virtual Shelf”
So take some time and think if you’re a serious implementer before taking out your credit card for this one.

Otherwise, save yourself the time and money.

So what else is in store for you inside the Facebook Compliance Code? 
4 bonuses to get your ROI even faster.

Bonus #1

Copy & Paste Facebook Compliant Claims

Any time you want to make a claim on Facebook, go through this list.

Pick a claim you want to use.

Copy & paste it into your copy.

And watch your ads have a significantly higher likelihood of getting approved. 

Bonus #2

The Complete Facebook Compliance Checklist

This is the same “mental” checklist I take my private consulting clients who pay me $1500 an hour to go through.

And you’ll have it right in your hands.

Before you launch a new offer, sales letter, or ad, walk through this checklist.

Or if your ads are getting disapproved or shut down, walk through this checklist.

And drastically increase the chances of getting your ads approved. 

Bonus #3

Ed Reay’s Facebook Compliant Swipe File

You’re gonna get access to my ongoing Facebook compliant swipe file.

This is everything from Facebook ads to landing pages to sales letters that come across my desk.

Either from private clients (who’ve given me permission to share) or that pass me by as I’m scrolling on Facebook.

Bonus #4

Access To The Private Facebook Group

For the first 30 days of the launch I’ll be extremely active in the Facebook group answering all your questions.

This is one of only ways to get my in-depth direct feedback and help aside from being a private client of mine.

Plus you get to connect with other business owners and copywriters running on Facebook.

So you won’t be alone on this journey to creating Facebook Friendly copy & funnels that convert. 
So Here's The Deal...
How To Monetize Your Facebook Compliance Skill As A Copywriter
I charged $2000 for the LIVE 4 week version of The Facebook Compliance Code.

I could keep it at that price.

But I’ve got three reasons for lowering it. 
1. I want to pass the torch and get this into the hands of as many people as I can who will use it to their highest ability...

While still having a “high enough” price point to keep out the wrong people from squirming their way in.

Because for real - if you can’t scrape together a measly grand to invest in your skills as a copywriter, marketer, or business owner then it’s probably too soon for you to invest in this program. 
2. There's a huge market of people who NEED Facebook compliant copy - and I can't be the only one who can do it.

I got super burnt out trying to fulfill all the demand on my own.

So I’d rather give you one of the BIGGEST differentiators you can have going into 2021 and get paid to coach you to succeed instead. 
3. Most of the profits from this will go into my new business venture - and I know more people will buy a $1000 program than a $2000 program.

What makes it more likely for me to get paid a decent chunk of change to invest in my new passions.

And easier for you to say yes to get the skills to differentiate yourself and stand out as a copywriter and marketer.

So it’s a win for both of us, wouldn’t you say?

Which is why today you can get access to The Facebook Compliance Code program for one easy payment of $996.
Click The Button Below To Get The Facebook Compliance Code For A One-Time Investment Of $996
“Ed Is My Go-To Guy For Facebook Compliance. He Knows How To Make Compliances Fixes That Allow Your Copy To STAY On Facebook. And He’s Helped Many Other Of The Biggest Names In Direct Response” 

-Stefan Georgi, $700MM Copywriter 
And Co-Founder Of Copy Accelerator
“The Facebook Compliance Code Is Every Tool I Could Ever Need To Run On Facebook Without Worrying About Being Banned. And It’s Very Digestible And I Appreciate How Ed Makes It Easy To Understand For A Newer Writer Like Me”

-Kimi Du, 16 Year Old
“We Had 3 Ad Accounts Banned In The Span Of A Month. Now We’re Able To Scale On Facebook Without Getting Banned Or Shut Down. And If We Do Get In Trouble, We’re Able To Win All Of Our Disapproved Ad Appeals!”
-Blake Wyatt, Profit Manager For The Sales Mentor
After you click the button you'll be taken to a secure encrypted check out page where you'll fill in your information...

And after you complete the check out, you'll receive an email with the information to log into the member’s area where you can access the recordings of the live classes.

As well as all the bonuses.
You're also covered by my 30 day “Love It Or Zuck It” Guarantee
So you can try the program risk-free.

And after you go through it you can decide whether it was worth your investment or not.

So after 30 days, you’re not confident in your ability to write Facebook compliant copy email me at and let me know

I'd be more than happy to promptly refund your money.

So here’s how to join:
Click The Button Below To Get The Facebook Compliance Code For A One-Time Investment Of $996
Thanks for taking the time to read my lil' letter.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Oh, and one more thing.

Next time a prospective client asks, “so what makes you different?” what are you going to say?

Hopefully something good.

-Ed Reay 
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